Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 3 - visit to zoo - lions and leopard

Wild but beautiful animal.

Day 2 - Hanuman garh

Huge statue of lord Hanuman ji. Jai

Day 2 - eco cave garden nainital part 1

On a very serious note, if you are an adventure lover, eco cave garden' in Nainital cannot be missed. It has got couple of natural caves.
The process starts with the easiest cave and as you cross the next level becomes tougher. Trust me the last one is cluster phobic slightly... But you cannot afford to miss it.... Of course, old age people are not recommended to go into these dark cave.

shopping time - tibetan market

Women with us saw shops and they were immediately on a shopping spee. All kinds of shops here and reminds me of Delhi's sarojini nagar market.
Lets see how much these ladies shop...

Day 3 - visit to zoo - lovely deers

So calm

Day 2 - bheem tal

Another lake. Center of the lake is restuarant and aquarium.

journey halted due to rain

Soon after lunch the rain has halted our plan to go to Nainital zoo. We are at CCD and waiting for the rain to get over.

Day 3 - we are heading towards zoo in nainital

Lot is heard about the animals at Nainital zoo especially Siberian tiger. Lets go and explore.
The way towards zoo is taxing because it an uphill task. Looks like going to vaishno devi darshan

Day 2 - sat tal - lunch at 'kwality restaurant'

Quite hungry... Having lunch at 'kwality restaurant' at 'sat tal'.
The restaurant is famous for it kadi chawal and sweet cheer. We have ordered kadi chawal, rajma chawal and butter paneer masala. Mouth watering....

Day 3 - visit to Nainital zoo

Marching towards zoo... We took a cab from the mall road which drop us 700 meters away from zoo hill. Apparently, the cabs could not crawl any further.
We were expected to pay for the cab, pay for zoo entrance tickets and also climb steep hill.... But at the end, it was worth the effort.
One good things about the zoo that we noticed was that the environment for the animals and birds was made very real.... Good job done.
The zoo is actually on hill and as you climb, you see various animal and birds.